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Christie has walked in your peoples’ shoes

What makes Christie different? The ideas and concepts she developed as a result of her direct sales Party Plan experience. In an attempt to meet other adults, earn extra money, and yet stay home with her children, Christie joined a major direct selling company nearly thirty years ago. Little did she know it was the beginning of a career that would not only benefit her family but also influence tens of thousands of people.

Even though the Northrups relocated several times across the United States, Christie built large customer bases, personally recruited and promoted hundreds of people, and established top producing, nationally ranked selling organizations in every city in which she lived. This was accomplished without a company down line program or multi-level compensation plan. She started from “scratch” with every move, having to leave her previous teams and customers in the care of other consultants. Ultimately she achieved the highest sales and leadership position in the company.

 Christie formed Lemon Aid Learning Adventures in 1998 to fulfill her mission as a consultant, author, and teacher on building a direct sales business, fostering leadership, and personal development.


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