What Direct Sales People Like You are Saying about The Lemon Aid Lady™

“Your products teach in a simple format and are filled with practical, effective skills which are very easy to implement. Frankly, I think they are a must read right after each company’s training materials! They really deserve the support of all party plan professionals in training even their newest recruits.”
Rayna Thompson, Director, Mary Kay®


“Her Learning Adventure was unique to our Company...Christie’s biggest difference is that she talks our language!! She knows sales and what it is to be a sales person...Since the presentation, we’ve had the following results: Higher Sales and Sponsoring. That alone pays for having The Lemon Aid Lady Learning Adventure.”
 Eunice Carroll, Diamond Infinity Designer, Home & Garden Party®


“My advisors all found you to be an inspiration!...You are a gifted speaker, able to pull in your audience and use them to illustrate your points. They really listened and learned because you made it seem so attainable.”
Sherry Clifton, Regional Advisor, Longaberger®


“At our January Kick-Off, Christie did a wonderful job of teaching ways to help us connect with our crowd, packaging ourselves, and finding commonalties with those in the audience. Her ideas were unique and applicable to kitchen consultants and all levels...91% rated her training session as ‘Excellent’.”
Robin Rogers, Senior Director, The Pampered Chef®


"This is the most concise training I’ve ever seen that gets to the meat and potatoes of direct sales. It is so simple and easy to follow, a consultant can use it the very next day.”
 John Chwalek, Tupperware® Legacy Director