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Your leading-edge authority on booking, recruiting, and motivation!

An experienced direct sales professional with over 30 years in the industry, Christie Northrup is different than other presenters. She doesn’t present the same old platitudes of the past. Instead, she teaches your people leading-edge, concrete, easy-to-implement ideas that inspire them to perform.  

She has taught tens of thousands of direct sales consultants and leaders her unique, field-proven concepts and techniques for retaining them through outstanding customer service and communication.  

Today, Christie is known around the world as The Lemon Aid Lady™, and she advises party plan and direct sales companies like yours on sales, recruiting, and motivation. She is THE authority on all aspects of the direct sales business.  

It’s her philosophy that makes Christie different: Anything is possible in direct sales. People don’t always need another program or set of incentives, they just need to do the TWIST  by changing:

T he

W ay


S ee

T hings

Christie teaches home party plan and direct sales professionals how to change their paradigms: How to TWIST their vision of the many aspects of their businesses so they can boost bookings and sales. And vastly multiply both their recruiting and promoting.  

She accomplishes this by sharing her experience and business secrets with you and your sales team in highly focused — yet entertaining and lively — presentations tailored specifically to your company’s needs (no cookie-cutter speeches here) in these critical areas:

  • Booking
  • Recruiting
  • Sales and effective demonstrations
  • Promoting quality leaders
  • Leadership and team building
  • Personal and family development


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