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Where To Find Customers for Kitchen Consultants CD & Booklet


where to find customersWhere to Find Customers for Kitchen Consultants CD with Booklet The latest information on where to keep finding customers, hosts, and consultants... specially prepared for kitchen consultants in home party companies. The CD provides you with over an hour of low-cost/no-cost targeted tips for building your business, A bonus segment includes a low-Price tool to present as a booking gift to assist hosts in inviting mores guests to her party.





The set includes a valuable 42-page resource booklet has specific customized tips. While the suggestions are for party plan companies that sell kitchen tools, but can be adapted to your company and product line.


This booklet and CD set augments the information contained in The Lemon Aid Lead Alphabet: Where to Find Customers when you Run out of Family and Friends with ideas specific to consultants who sell kitchen tools and products.






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