Selling & Presenting


Presentations for Profit$

Make your home party plan or direct sales presentations more profitable when you learn the dozen ways of attracting (not “attacking”) more hosts at presentations. Some of these — presented with a TWIST — are:

  • Impressing guests even before meeting them
  • Knowing all guests’ names and needs
  • Creating a personal icon
  • Making paperwork for profits
  • Timing techniques
  • Planning tips with the “Handy Host Helper”


Where to Find Customers When you Run out of Family and Friends

When you began your home party plan business, which was the first group of people you approached to be your customers? Have you now exhausted this resource for business leads? This how-to class will teach you sensible, easy, and no-cost ideas to:

  • Find leads anywhere — grocery stores, schools, local parks, even public restroom stalls!
  • Create flyers and business cards with a TWIST
  • Add customers by reading periodicals
  • Schedule demonstrations in neighborhoods of your choice
  • Work events such as county fairs, home shows, etc. to generate the most leads, bookings and sales
  • Hundreds of other ways to find leads in unlikely — yet targeted — places


Hanging Up on Phone Phobias

Everyone can talk on the phone  ̶  until it's time to ask a potential host for a party! This class, based on Christie's CD Ring: Hanging Up on Your Phone Phobias, teaches consultants how to make their phone a profit  generator by...

  • Making your own phone friendly
  • Obtaining permission to contact
  • Following-through on promises to call
  • Playing the phone game with other consultants
  • Communicating effectively with team members via e-mail, newsletters, etc.
  • Plus dozens of other fun, unique concepts


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