Personal and Family Development  

Family Fortunes without Family Feuds

Rapidly becoming our most popular presentation, Family Fortunes, taught by Christie and her husband, Bob, covers the hot topics you won’t hear anywhere else:  

  •  How to build a party plan or direct sales business while you strengthen your family in every “slice of life”— from not married and no empty nesting
  • What the number one conflict is in relationships and how your business can solve it
  • What life lessons children can learn from a home-based business
  • How to gain spouse — and family — support for your direct sales or party plan business
  • Which business activities must be separated from family activities — and vice versa
  • How to transition from employment to enjoyment  

The Lemon Aid Stand™

Remember your first sales experience? It’s when you opened that lemonade stand on a hot summer day as a child! This retrospective approach teaches the correlation between the lemonade stands of your youth and your direct sales or party plan business activities and goals of today.  

Your thirst for success will be quenched as you learn what you need — and want — in your business now:  

  •  Perception
  • Planning
  • Perseverance
  • Prospects
  •  Players on the team
  • Profits that are juicy!


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