Leadership Training


Lemon Aid 4 Leaders

In direct sales and party plan, your team can be like a Lemon Tree—never having a dormant season. Squeeze Bright Beginnings in team members’ careers with:

  • Seasonal Suggestions for superb sponsoring
  • Effective Interviews resulting in a decision best for the prospect
    Enticing Events to attract new consultants
  • Grand Openings to give a Grand Beginning
  • Initial follow-through to give her first weeks a solid base of customers, hosts, and recruits
  • Continual communication to keep her momentum and enthusiasm


Totally Terrific Teams

Designed for the party plan or direct sales leader who is continually, consistently focused on growing, teaching, and coaching a top team:

  • Plans for building your team of tomorrow with your team of today
  • Themes for Totally Terrific Team meetings
  • Formats for informative, entertaining team correspondence and newsletters
  • Methods for recognizing and inspiring team members


From Parenting Your Team to Mentoring Your team

Being a leader is a lot like parenting. In this class for party plan and direct sales leaders, you’ll understand the stages of business growth and development, including how to:

  • Conceive new recruits without using “recruit control”
  • Cuddle “newborns” as they learn the building blocks of the business
  • “Party-train pre-schoolers” to work while they play
  • Educate “school-age” about independence, sharing, and recruiting
  • Tolerate the “teens” during sibling “rivalry” and “parental revolt”
  • Guide the “newly-promoted” as they multiply and create teams of their own



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