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Real Recruiting Rewards

                        ©Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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Over the last two weeks I shared my experience of joining the direct sales industry 29 years ago this month.

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Read them first so you'll understand what I'm talking about today.

By doing simple math, you'll see that no one literally took $15,000 away from me over the two-year period when I was introduced to home parties and when I finally decided to become a consultant. However, this was money I lost out on because of the delay in my decision.

Granted I did not know about the business opportunity because no one opened their mouths and shared their story and information.

I can't blame anyone else.

My mom taught me that when I point one finger, three point right back at me. I alone am responsible for who I am and what I do.

I've had fun teaching you that we figuratively "rob" someone when we don't open our eyes, ears, and mouths about our business.

And when I do the TWIST and think about the hundreds of people I may have robbed because I didn't discuss my business with them, I could beat myself up and get depressed. Instead, I'll pat myself on the back, and suggest you do the same, to thank yourself for those you chose to work with and how the decision to invite them to your business has quite possibly changed their lives.

Let me finish the rest of my recruiting story and the beginning of a wonderful direct sales career:

The consultant who I met in September 1979 and did not talk to me about the business at the party received credit for recruiting me, and I was placed on her team. Isn't that ironic? She didn't remember meeting me months previously.

I wasn't initially happy with this placement. I wanted to work directly with the leader I met when I called the company. However, life is wonderful. After a couple of years, my recruiter (who, by the way was a nice lady, she just wasn't a strong leader) was placed under me because of some movement in our
organization. She didn't stay in the business very long due to health issues. But, I am still grateful for the guidance and encouragement she gave me.

After all, instead of looking at the two years I lagged, I choose to focus on the past 29 where I've learned and earned; taught and shared. The $15,000 is nothing compared to what I and those I recruited, and their recruits, and theirs...and on and on... have earned and experienced.

Recruiting rewards do not always come in financial remuneration. My favorite rewards are remembrances and recognition. In fact, just today, a wonderful consultant who was part of a recent downline treated me to lunch. While I had resigned leadership with her company to stay focused on
my role as the Lemon Aid Lady, she is doing an incredible job. She's already recruited over 19 people in this, her second year of business and has ten leaders in her organization. As I listened to her Sweet Successes, I received my recruiting rewards!

My Lemon Aid TWIST for you is to write a thank you note (not an e-mail or a phone call) to the person who shared her business with you, even if that person is no longer a consultant or your friend. You might need to locate him/her on line. After all, if it weren't for her/him, you probably wouldn't be reading this article today. Better yet, take your recruiter to lunch. What a way to celebrate the great industry we are all part of.

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 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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