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Accidental Recruiting

                        ©Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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Most direct sales consultants began their businesses by accident. They happened to be in the path of a consultant who "hit" them. Probably not in a literal sense. However, they could have been at a party and one of their friends hit their shoulder or knee and said, "You should be a consultant." Or maybe as a party guest, they had so much fun the thought "hit" them that they could do what the consultant is doing. Or, when they went to place a reorder for product, the idea "hit them" that if they were a consultant, they could service themselves and their friends. Perhaps they were "hit" when a consultant gave them a catalog or business card. Or when they saw a booth at a fair or an advertisement in a magazine.

Direct sales consultants who recruit the most, cause the most accidents!  The best way to have the most accidents is to be more active in your business.

Athletes have many more sports accidents than couch potatoes because they are on the
playing field. Young children have more accidents than adults because they are more curious and active. Commuters who drive to work have more car accidents because they drive more miles. There are no real statistics to back my opinion up, it's simply common sense. The more often you're in a situation, the more experiences you'll have in that situation.

The obvious direct sales model for recruiting more new consultants is that:
● The more parties you hold, the more recruits you'll meet.
● The more catalogs you give out and names you collect, the more people will ask about your
● The more product you sell, the more people will be using your merchandise, the more curious  they'll be about how they'll make money telling their friends about what they use and love.
● The more contacts you make the more opportunity for people to "run into" you

The best insurance you have for success in your direct sales business is to create more and more happy, profitable accidents by recruiting.

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 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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