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Where  ̶  and How  ̶  to Find Customers When You Run Out of Family and Friends

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Where To Find Customers When you Run out of Family and Friends on Square Market  

















Back in 1998, I decided to pull together all of the strategies, skills and techniques I had developed in nearly 20 years of direct selling into a series of books on how to build a successful party plan business.

My first book was The Lemon Aid Lead Alphabet: Where to find customers when you run out of Family and Friends. And right away it became a bestseller in the direct selling industry and the leading handbook on building a top business and team. Why? Because I wrote it to be practical!

There are many out there who claim to motivate you to be better, coach you to be better, and provide you with "systems" and "goal setting strategies" that should make you a better direct selling professional. But party plan isn't about systems or goals or "feel good about yourself and your business" platitudes.

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Direct Selling the Party Plan Way
Building a successful party plan business is not about systems, personality, or buying "leads" from online sources. It's about doing the basics well:

  • Finding customers in a natural way Attracting  ̶  not attacking  ̶  potential party hosts
  • Conducting your parties in a professional yet fun manner that keep your customers and hosts asking for more and lining up to host your next party
  • Sharing your opportunity with others without being pushy (or shove-y!) to build a solid, profitable team

But direct selling does not stand still. New technologies such as the Internet and social marketing (YouTube, etc.) have revolutionized your industry. That said, it's still the basics done well and adapted to these new developments  ̶  not the technologies themselves  ̶  that will make a party plan professional tops.

Introducing Where to Find Customers When You Run Out of Family and Friends Second Edition
For over a decade I took notes and made updates to my copy of The Lead Alphabet in anticipation of publishing a completely revised and updated edition incorporating my experience gleaned from:

  • Working with top leaders in the Party Plan industry
  • Providing consulting services to newly formed businesses as well as established party plan companies
  • Holding parties and recruiting  ̶  even leading my own team (which I grew to over 600 consultants in a year and a half

In short, I've been out in the field working like you in order to adapt and update my concepts and ideas so that you can have the the latest information you can get in finding new customers, hosts, and recruits.

Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Use Ideas and Concepts
Just like the original edition, this new Where to Find Customers book is organized by the letters of the alphabet ("advertising" is under "A", "bulletin boards" are under "B", etc.). And throughout the book, I challenge you to TWIST the way you look at finding customers  ̶  to think "outside of the box"  ̶  so you'll see possibilities you've never before considered.

In fact, I'll bet you'll immediately see several new ideas for finding customers from the partial list below of topics covered in my book:

Advertising, Advertising Specialties, Affiliate Programs, Airplanes, Apartments, Attention Getters, Attraction Alphabet, Auctions...

Badges, Bake Sales, Banks, Barter, Beauty, Barber Shops/Salons, Birthdays, Bookmarks, Bumper Stickers, Business Associates, Business Cards, Bulletin Boards, Bills, Bingo, BYOBB,: Be your own Bulletin Board...

Campgrounds, Cars (Advertise-mobiles!), Car Washes, Christmas Card List, Clubs, Copy Shops,  Consulting, Contests, Corporate Gift Giving, Coupons, Cross-promotion...

Data Base, Day Care Centers, Delivery People, Demonstrations, Directories, Distance Customers, Displays, Doctors/Dentist Offices, Donations, Door-to-Door, Drawings, Drive-through Windows...

Ideal Guidebook for Anyone Owning a Business
Even though my original book was written for direct selling party-plan people, I've had hundreds of small business owners as well as others relying on personal relationship to sell their products and services ask for the book.

So this updated edition has been expanded and massaged to offer my unique and successful concepts to those business owners outside of direct selling.

(If you have friends or acquaintances who own their own business, tell them about this book!)

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