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Totally Terrific Teams Theme II

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At last…the book you’ve been so thirsty for:

Party plan people across the world have loved and used Totally Terrific Team Themes and have asked for more.

This book includes a baker’s dozen (13) of themes with more detailed information than before. And the fun TWIST is the book comes with a CD full of invitations designed by a creative artist, Cherie Phelps, owner of Business Enhancements. You’ll be able to personalize and then print the invitations in full color or black and white.


Each theme gives you a choice of invites: postcard, flyer-type, or a unique invite.

Additionally, you’ll discover handouts for many of the themes along with printable Applause Awards to accompany each one!

If you are not a leader or do not have a leader who holds regular meetings, you will learn much about building your business as you read through the Team Talk in each section and then do the Challenges.

Here are some of the themes and their objectives:

Bills, Bills, Bills

To understand that money can be the vehicle for adding happiness and prosperity to a family

On a Roll

To experience that the seemingly small activities done in a business today will create the momentum needed to earn large profits in the future


Magazine Mania

To show consultants they can become celebrities in their customers’ minds as they educate hosts and guests as well as new recruits


Menu of Services

To learn that service is the best product to offer to party guests

Polishing your Business To realize the most effective way to keep a business polished and profitable, shiny and successful, and clean and consistent requires continual maintenance.

Color your World To illustrate how the level of activity in a business will determine the color of business desired.

Business of Champions To understand the three basics of a party plan business: book, recruit, sell

Special Themes:
• Opportuni-TREE—an opportunity meeting for teams to really branch out
• Labels for Leaders—a meeting specifically for down line leaders to attend


                                       $34.95       purchase Team Theme 2 book


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