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Some people consider the Party Plan industry the “Pushy” Plan industry. Why? Because so many consultants attack guests because they beg for business and bribe for bookings.

Are you thirsty to learn how to be a smart business person based on proven marketing principles without using any tricky or tacky games?

This book is a huge TWIST from traditional party plan because it teaches you fun, innovative, and creative ways to:

Before the Party

  • Cement the party date with fun ideas
  • Create a Top 40 list just for your company
  • Show hosts why guest lists benefit the host and her guests
  • Review the guest list with your host
  • Mail invitations/reminders—whose responsibility is this?
  • Position the guest list requests
  • Choose Lucky Winners
  • Gather random requests for party products
  • Draw the Guest List
  • Use the guest list for future business Invite outside bookings
  • Secure hosts for life
  • Rescue a show/party with a guest list

Importance of Packaging

  • Personal
  • Product
  • Paper

 Meet and Greet

  • Pay attention to all guests
  • Welcome Script

 Impress your Guests as you Remember their Names

  • Literature Personalization
  • Alphabet Association Cheat Sheet
  • What to use so you don’t lose
  • Name in lights
  • Name tag no-no

Do your guests remember you?

  • Put your name in their book/planner/Electronic Address Book
  • Invite your guests to ink you Invent a lasting permanent icon (think Lemon Aid Lady!)

Time is Money…and More Bookings

  • Begin on time without offending anyone
  • Remember the number one rule for hosts
  • Share value added ideas
  • End on time
  • Give ordering and display down deadlines

Allow your Host to Introduce You

  • Pre-party script planning
  • Script for introduction
  • Recruiting words  

Thank you, Two!

  • Interview the previous hosts
  • Honor all hosts


Featured Attractions—TWISTS on Theme Parties

  • Home parties are like the movies
  • Bring
  • Reward
  • Relate
  • Recruit
  • Preview  

Take Part in the Action !

  • Understand how people remember their experience
  • Use testimonials Learn from guests
  • Involve more senses to make more dollars
  • Participate for more profits  

Paper Potential

  • Order forms are shopping carts and recruiting machines
  • Getting to Know You slips are better than door prize slips
  • Guest Registers can recruit Catalogs are cash-a-logs
  • Presentation and positioning of the catalog
  • Best Seller Words
  • Autograph Offer
  • Planning packages with power
  • Recruit literature  

The Party’s Over—the profit has just begun

  • Delivering more than products
  • Sharing the best value—your business
  • Using phone scripts with a TWIST
  • Creating a Business Brag Book

Party Plan Presentations are for…

Host gifts are great; everyone loves receiving them. But…what if you and/or your company did not offer host gifts. Would you still be in business?  Don’t answer this question until your read this book....and discover that while Party Plan Presentations are about products, promotions and profits…what your guests really want is _________!


  "I was in a bookings slump and needed to get things up quickly!  After getting your book…I couldn't put it down ‘til I'd read the whole thing--there's so much juicy info in there! Your book alone is what pulled me out of my slump!  I found that your ideas helped stimulate my own creativity, which had been dormant for a while, and I created a fun ‘toilet paper’ theme show that got me so excited, I called past hosts and said, ‘You have just GOT to invite your friends to this is SO MUCH FUN!’  What a great tool that book is!”



 -Michele Rossi, Director, The Pampered Chef

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