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The Deeds that Lead to Committed Customers

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Once you have located direct sales leads, what deeds do you need to do to convert them to committed customers? Written in the same format as the Where to Find Customers book, this 120-page publication will teach you what to do to keep your customers committed to YOU!


Deed is also a wonderful recognition tool for the end-of-year recognition or a welcome gift for new recruits.

Here is just an alphabetical “sip” of what this classic Party Plan book, written in an alphabetical, reference-style includes:

  • AAA suggestions for adding more customers, hosts, and consultants to your business (pages 1-4)
  •  Business Banks so you never run out of bookings whatever the season of the year (pages 18-20)
  •  Celebrating your Customers and Checking Back with them (pages 22-23)
  • Educational Events for your Customers (pages 38-39)
  •  Follow Through (pages 43-46) Getting to Know customers (pages 48-50)
  • Holidays (page 54)
  • Juicy Profits (page 61)
  • Using your literature (pages 69-71)
  • Newsletters (page 78)
  • Objections - don’t overcome them (pages 82-83)
  • Persistent Professional or Pushy Pest (pages 85-86)
  • Quick Reaction brings more bookings (pages 95-96)
  • S.A.L.E.S...what it represents (page 104)
  • Teach...the more you teach the more you ____ (page 106)
  • User-friendly brings more business (page 111)
  • Vacation and build your business


                                     $19.95      buy Deed book


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