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Connect Your Calendar to Your Checkbook

In our industry, every Party is a Payday. So, how many Paydays do you want in a month?   How many Paydays will you have in a year? How do you insure that you're working on every Payday?   More Info  




hang up on phone phobias

Ring: Hang Up on Your Phone Phobias

In just over one hour, you'll have the plan and confidence to make your phone your friend rather than your foe, and be on your way to new success in bookings, recruiting, and sales!  More info



sharing for smarties

Sharing For Smarties

Created just for recruiting! You’ll learn specifically about why smart party plan people share their business and how you can be a smarter party plan person by sharing your business.    More Info



Summer Success cd

Summer Success- 2 CDs

Summer is the hottest time for lemonade!  But most party plan consultants believe that their businesses evaporate in the summer because “everyone” is out of town.   Listen to this two-CD set to find people who are thirsty to book, sell, or join your team during those hot summer months!     More Info   SOLD OUT!

where to find more customers booklet and CD

WTFC for Kitchen Consultants CD & Booklet

The latest information on where to keep finding customers, hosts, and consultants... specially prepared for kitchen consultants in home party companies.    More Info



sweet holiday success

Sweet Holiday Successes-CD

Over an hour of the best tips and techniques from the Lemon Aid Lady for for keeping your party plan business going strong through the holiday season.   More Info



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