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Summer Success 2-CD Set


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summer successYou know that Summer is the hottest time for lemonade! From the beaches to the amusement parks, you’ll find thousands of thirsty people who will quench their thirst for this all-time-favorite beverage. But let’s face it…most party plan consultants believe that their businesses evaporate in the summer because “everyone” is out of town at the beaches or amusement parks sipping on ice-cold lemonade!  





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How do you attract more hosts and guests during the hot summer months?

Find people who are thirsty to book, sell, or join your team! And don’t fret about people you talk to who are not thirsty right now; their thirsty season could be in the future.

So…how do you that?  Listen to and implement the ideas in the two-hour CD set, Sweet Summer Successes.


Here’s what you’re going to learn:

CD One

What SUMMER means to your business

How to work with thirsty people, including:

  • Teachers
  • Parents at the park
  • Summer birthday people
  • Direct sales representatives
  • Winter hosts
  • People who have returned from vacation

Simple Summer Survey a TWIST on traditional door prize slips

Business Bank—full of interest and profits

A dozen weekly, themed-activities to keep you and your team swimming to summer success:

  • Fishing for Results Week
  • Dive In Week
  • Proud to be an American Week
  • Practice makes Profits Week
  • S’more Week (fun recruiting idea to use at parties)
  • Simple Survey Week
  • Have a B.A.L.L. Week (great way to find leads)
  • Stars and Stripes Week
  • Vacation Destination Week
  • Booking Relay Week
  • Scream for Ice Cream Week (opportunity meeting idea)
  • Lemon Aid Week

And a very fun team activity for a summer meeting: 

  • Results Road Rally (terrific way to find new customers)

Fairs, Festivals, and Expos

Summer is also a great time to meet customers at street fairs and community festivals as well as to formulate a plan for exhibiting at these types of events in the fall and holiday selling seasons. These CDs will teach you how to:


Decide on which events to participate with these criteria:

  • Audience
  • Advertising
  • Placement of booth
  • Accessories needed
  • Seminar presentations
  • Invitations for customers
  • Alerts for current and prospective customers by geography

CD Two

Craft Show Seminars

Drawing during Seminar for those present
Drawing Slip gathering and follow through

  • Take their temperature
  • Watch for sticky labels
  • Pile the leads
  • Look forward to doing follow through
  • Color code the slips

You’ll also hear answers to the following questions:

  • How to get visitors to your virtual store?
  • What is the best booth configuration?
  • Why should you put chairs in your booth?
  • What do you give to visitors?
  • Is your literature litter?
  • What is inexpensive, yet valuable?
  • How do you book chewsy hosts?
  • What do you send to everyone who visits your booth?
  • How much is one name worth to you?
  • When should you follow up with your visitors?
  • What if you haven’t contacted leads from long ago?

Attending Your Company Convention
  -- Reunions and Recitals

  • YOU can shine
  • Your family can be prepared and excited for you to attend convention
  • Your small children can feel your presence in your absence
  • Your teenager can receive positive communication

Tools to use while you’re away:

  • Bedtime stories
  • Surprise treat bags  
  • Treasure hunts
  • Wrapped up gifts
  • Cash  

Other great ideas include:

  • Preparing meals in advance does not always work
  • Connecting with other families
  • Hearing a simple recipe for families
  • Going on a grocery shopping spree with a TWIST
  • Buying souvenirs from your own town
  • Knowing what to take to convention
  • Learning the best tips to take
  • Using a FAT book

Remembering what you learned after you arrive home:

  • Taking time for assessment
  • Carving the ideas and tips in your mind

            Includes FREE Summer Success CD Activity Guide  ̶  a $19.95 value

                                               e book




(Downloadable at the time of purchase: open link or download and save right away! No waiting!)

This Activity Guide includes: 

  • Sun-Sational Summer Door Prize Slip
  • TWIST on Event Door Prize Slip
  • 12 Personal/Team Activity Pages
  • Business Bank form
  •  Convention Finder
  • Results Road Rally instructions

Plus, colorful, duplicatable cards for vendor events and contacting customers:

  • Gift Certificate for future purchase
  • Thank you card
  • INK ME card for booking
  • Ele-phone card
  • Current Customer invitation
  • C to C for call backs
  • When your arms are full
  • Top 5 Reasons to "Chews" to book






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