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Sharing for Smarties



Smart people build direct sales businesses. They also share their direct sales party plan opportunity with others.


The Sharing for Smarties audio CD presentation by Christie Northrup teaches how to build your business ‒ and your team ‒ by sharing your opportunity by adhering to these principles:


  • Illustrate the profitability of sharing with your team
  • Recruit frequently and consistently every week
  • TWIST parties into weekly recruiting events
  • Ask hosts a specific question to open the recruiting door
  • Pose a scenario to see if prospects are really thirsty
  • Create awesome advertisements using props to attract new consultants
  • Pick prospects rather than pick on people to join your team
  • Choose new consultants who have T-A-P attributes Recruit UP, not down
  • Define your demographics for recruiting
  • Schedule recruit time
  • Be an investigative recruiter
  • Explain your company's benefit package
  • Learn the four critical questions for interviewing prospects
  • Use a Guest Book to show prospects your profitability
  • Learn how to guide the decision-making process



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