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Ring: Hang Up on Your Phone Phobias

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For any home party and direct sales professional, the telephone is an indispensable tool for booking parties, finding new recruits, and building business relationships. But many have a real fear of using the phone for business!


Now, in just over one hour, you'll have the plan and confidence to make your phone your friend rather than your foe, and be on your way to new success in bookings, recruiting, and sales - by overcoming the Top Ten Phone Phobias:


Phone Phobia #1: I don’t have time to make phone calls…

Phone Phobia #2: You don’t want to “bug” people! You’ll learn how to swat four kinds of bugs so you’re never a pest to your prospects:

Bugs without ears Bugs with bad-timing Uninterested Insect Pushy Pest

Phone Phobia #3: Don’t know how often to call…

Phone Phobia #4: Fear that they’ll say NO….. (On this track, I’ll teach you about a huge fear you should ALWAYS have!)

Phone Phobia #5: You’re not sure what to say to prospects (I teach you a TWIST on scripts and also how to use the Calling Cards at the back of the Hanging up on Phone Phobias book!)

Phone Phobia #6: People are not available …or don’t answer…they never return my calls. (Surprise…I teach you NOT to ask people to return your call!!)

Phone Phobia #7: You’re not making any progress on the phone. (Maybe the phone is not the tool you should be using!)

Phone Phobia #8: You waited so long to call, your customer/prospects will think you’re a slacker! (This is one of the Top 3 Phone Phobias!!)

Phone Phobia #9: You don’t know who to call…

Phone Phobia #10: You just can’t pick up the phone (Choose a buddy!)

BONUS…How to create a Powerful Voice Mail Greeting (People could not care less that you’re “away from your desk or out of the office!”) And this CD is not just for people party plan or direct sales. Anyone with a home-based business will find Ring the ideal tool for making the telephone work for them!







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