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Connect Your Calendar to Your Checkbook


In our industry, every Party is a Payday. So, how many Paydays do you want in a month? How many Paydays will you have in a year? How do you insure that you're working on every Payday?

In this hour-plus long CD, The Lemon Aid Lady™, Christie Northrup, teaches you how to determine your Paydays by focusing on when you're going to work, rather than where.

Then, Christie shares tips on adding more Paydays to your calendar. You'll also discover your own the answer to:        

   "If bookings weren't a challenge, how many parties would I hold every month?"

The answers and TWISTs you'll learn will open your eyes. A bonus segment will share an awesome eye-opening approach to your checkbook. Our recording audiences state this is the biggest Ah-Ha they've heard. "Everyone tells me to run my home party business like a business. The Lemon Aid Lady tells me how on this CD."


Perfect for anyone in party plan, direct sales, or any home-based business.




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