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Fun Featured Attraction to use all Fall-la-la-la-long!

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If you’ve been a Lemon Aid Learner for any length of time, you’ll know I teach a TWIST on the regular theme parties for direct sales, and I call them Featured Attractions, a fun TWIST on lights, camera, action in movies to…  

Bring: host asks guests to bring a specific item related to the Featured Attraction Reward: consultant rewards guests for the items they bring
Relate: Featured Attraction to your product, including booking and selling ideas
Recruit: awesome advertisements (not common commercials) to attract future consultants. Here’s a complimentary Featured Attraction to begin using today: CANDY CORN PARTY!  

If candy corn is your favorite fall vegetable, you’ll love this Lemon Aid Featured Attraction!  

Instruct your host to ask people to wear clothing/accessories that are/have one or more of these colors:

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • White  

Always reward the host first; give her something with candy and corn (like a candy bar and bag of corn chips). Any guest who has all three colors on! If no one does “cheat” by letting guests with one or two colors hold one of your products with colors they are not wearing. The reward can be  a token gift that’s orange, yellow, or white (see note at bottom for supplier idea).

Tell the guests that, like candy corn, the party has three parts: Purchasing your product (explain any promotions/specials) = yellow base Booking Parties = orange middle Beginning a business = white tip Demonstrate and display products that are Yellow, white, or orange Sweet (not just to eat) Containers to hold candy Recipes for corn-based products Triangular-shaped items  

When you combine candy corn with shelled, salted peanuts, the mixture tastes like a ay candy bar!

Ask if anyone wants a recipe for a great PAYDAY and quickly explain two or three unique things about your company’s business opportunity, reminding guests that this is your recipe for success.

For a group with people looking for a better source of income:

“I used to work only for money and it was peanuts compared to what I make now. Plus, I have a lot of sweet experiences at parties that I never had at my other stuffy job. When I combine peanuts and candy corn I actually get a PAY DAY!

Another idea for moms who are looking for a little time away from home and a way to earn money:

“If you have cute “monkeys” at home (you know monkeys love peanuts!), and are looking for a couple hours a week for some sweet “grown up” (candy corn) time.

Bring a jar or bottle (use one of your products) filled with a mixture of candy corn and peanuts, the number of pieces equivalent to the number of dollars you average in sales at a party. Have guests guess the amount. Closest guesser gets the candy/peanuts.

Recruit Reminder
You can make packets of this recipe (equal parts salted, shelled peanuts with candy corn) with a note that says, “Pay Days are fun and yummy; ask how you can have another one!”

Source for candy corn items: Oriental Trading sells individual packets of candy corn, candy corn notepads, and candy corn taffy.

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