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Focus on WHEN You go to Work, not WHERE

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Direct sales and party plan consultants have a huge fear: who will host parties for them! There is room for fear in the direct sales industry, but this is not that place.

Before you think about WHO will host a party plan home party, decide WHEN you want to go to work--when you want to hold your parties. This is the first step in connecting your calendar to your checkbook.

Direct sales recruiters flaunt their ability to "work whenever I want to." Yet, they seldom plan when that will be.

So...take your calendar out right now. This is not a busy-work exercise, it is a crucial beginning of your business. Use a green highlighter, designate the specific blocks of time--not simply the days--when you want to hold parties as a direct sales consultant.

Remember, every party is a payday. So, how many pay days do you want? This is not the time when you're going shopping. You own a business. This is your earn time.

I regularly held two parties a night. You read the right. The first was at 6:00 and the second at 8:00. I did this because I had to create more time on my calendar to accommodate all the people who
wanted to host home parties with me. I didn't start out with two hosts every night, but because I decided holding two a night couldn't be much more work than one a night, I opened those time slots and soon they were continually booked.

Amazingly, when I was at my home party, the guests were in awe that I'd be holding two parties a night. I'd joke with them and ask, "How many hours a day do most people work?" The consensus was eight to nine hours a day. I'd laugh and say, "I only work 4 hours a night when I do two parties." Everyone had an "ah ha" moment. I hope you're having one as well.

Remember the adage, "Work expands to fill the time allowed?" The same principle applies here. Booking home parties will expand to fill the time allotted.

Have you highlighted your time slots for the next three weeks. Don't go out any further than three weeks until the end of this week. If you do, you'll have to wait a long time to get your paycheck!

Now you are ready to book your direct sales home parties!


 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™