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Two Parties a Night...Is This Twist for You?

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I realize this is an "over the top" idea for many people in Direct Sales. Meaning...only people who want their business to grow "over the top" of what they've ever done and over the top of what others are doing will be open to this concept.

Here are the groups of people I recommend this concept to:

Consultants who:

  •  Work a full-time job (one night a week; 2 parties!)
  • Stay at home with their kids (some spend 4 hours at club meetings, bunco, or book clubs for a night out withOUT making $$)
  • Have limited time to work on their business (one or two nights a month can be designated!)
  • Are students (add one "work night" a month as if it were a class to be attended)
  • Need other people to drive them to parties (easier to ask someone for one than two or more nights)
  • Are just beginning the business (nothing like jumping into the water to learn how to swim)

Okay...I confess...I've included most everyone on my list! Now you'll understand why I've identified these groups as great candidates for this idea.

AND...Hosts and customers love this idea because...

They know you're not going to be camping out at their home all night!

 In the first article about this idea, I gave you the background about why I began holding two parties a night. As I end this series, I'll share how it boosted my business.

People not only enjoy being around successful consultants, they want to introduce their friends to the consultants as well! ''

Okay...if you're not quite ready for this TWIST, why not try one of the following:

 ● Two parties in a day (morning & evening or afternoon & evening, etc.)              


● Two parties a week              


● Two parties a month Begin where you are now and plan your growth accordingly.

Remember...practice doesn't make perfect...PRACTICE MAKES PROFITS!



 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™