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Toss Your To-Do List

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 Instead of making a list of all your activities each day (which can become endless), do the TWIST and appoint the time of day you’ll do specific tasks by writing them on your calendar.

 If your “to do” says to send "thank you notes" to everyone who booked at last night’s party, look for time on your calendar  ̶  which should be broken down into 15-30 minute segments (as I suggested in the article  Divide & Calendar (create link to Divide & Calendar)  ̶  and decide when you’re going to write and mail those notes. You should be able to write three thank you notes in 15 minutes, so which 15-minute segment will you designate for this task?  

If you need to input your last party order, and you know it’s going to take at least an hour because it was over $1,000.00, choose that hour rather than adding the task to a list.  

Your calendar now becomes your daily plan. Some of the activities might take longer than you’ve planned, but you have the flexibility to make rearrangements. That’s why I learned, after feeling overwhelmed, not to calendar every minute. After a while, you’ll know how much time should be assigned to certain “to dos.”  

Unlike our bank accounts, the time we have to work and play each day is limited. Yet, we make our “to dos” as if we have no time restraints, and our lists become as long as the sheet of paper we’re writing on! If you feel like you have more “to dos” than time, do a TWIST on the customer wish list that you use at parties for guests to record everything they want and make a “Work/Play List” of all the upcoming projects, activities and events that don’t fit on your calendar right now. As time opens up, you can appoint time for these.  

Lastly, you know how upsetting it is when a host calls to cancel a party at the last minute, right? After all, it’s almost like stealing your time because you don’t have an opportunity to fill it with another party at that late hour. But, did you know there is one thing worse than having someone else steal time from you? It’s when you don’t keep your calendar commitments and you essentially steal from yourself.   Go ahead….appoint times on your calendar and you can easily toss that To Do list!     


 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™