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TIME TWISTS  ̶  How to Hold Two Home Parties in One Night

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As a primer, you may want to read Time Twists before reading this article.

Here are the steps:

1. Both parties must be within five to ten minutes drive time from one another. Anything longer will not work when you're going from one to the next. My goal was to hold parties within the same school boundary or housing development. Heck, you could hold parties at homes that were next to each other. After all how many people do not invite their neighbors?

2. The first host should be someone whose friends can stop by on their way home from work, or whose acquaintances go to bed early. This is the perfect time slot for these kinds of people. In fact, many of them don't go to home parties because parties typically begin after 7:00. You must let your first host know she's the first of two parties, and that you'll have to leave her house by 7:30. Honestly, she is so relieved that you won't be camping out all night! She can announce this to her guests when she invites them.

3. Starting on time is always "tricky." Not all people arrive on time, but you can start with your "bonus tips" (the demo in disguise) with the people who are there. After your presentation, announce: "Ladies...I am here to service you until 7:20 (gives you a few minutes lead way) and then I'm on my way to another party (yes...people gasp! They are so impressed!!)"

4. If there are "stragglers" (late arrivals, people who are still deciding, etc.) invite them to give their orders to the host. I've even left product at the host's home and stopped by later to pick it and other orders up after Party #2.

5. Party #2: The key here is to have your host invite her guests for 7:30 and serve her refreshments FIRST. Second oh-so-important key: As host is serving her refreshments she let's the guests know: "Our party plan consultant, Christie, is scheduled to arrive just before 8:00...she's not late." If your host doesn't make this announcement you will look like you're late.

6. GRAND ENTRANCE: I walked in as the guests are munching (and still arriving) and proclaimed, "Let the Party Begin!" You must be able to come in with only one trip from your car. I carried one large bag of products. If I was doing a cooking class, the host already had all the ingredients lined up. If she needed some of my products in advance, I dropped them off on the way to my 6:00 party.

Holding two parties a night was a little awkward at first, but soon it became easier than holding only one.

The biggest bonus I got from this was not that my sales doubled, tripled, and more...but my bookings EXPLODED!


 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™