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Don't you love looking at the fresh new pages of a calendar, either the tangible kind you hang on the wall or the electronic kind you carry around? Before you toss last year's calendar for your Direct Sales business, do the TWIST and SAVE IT!  


1.  You'll be surprised at all the names of potential customers you have on the pages. How many times have you been at a party and a guest asks you to call in three months? You put her name on your calendar three months from that time and then did as she asked. Except she didn't answer. In fact, you called her three times with no answer.   So, call her again! If someone doesn't return my call (in fact, I don't even ask customers to do so), I assume she just can't connect with me at that time. In other words...she probably wants to talk to me, but has other priorities at the moment  

2. Look at all the hosts' names on your calendar. These same people might want to rebook  a party in same month this year as they did last year. You'll create a professional impression when you can call your host and say, "Monica, can you believe it's been a year since your last party? I bet your friends are waiting for one this year."  

3. Year-to-date-improvement. Rather than compare yourself with others, compare yourself against your personal performance from last year. If you see that your first party last year wasn't until March, decide now to hold your first party in February...or sooner.  

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