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Divide and Calendar

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 You know what I don't like about average-size calendars? They don't provide enough space to write all the things I need to do in a day. It's a mind-set, really...  

When my sons were young, and we'd have a dentist or doctor appointment, I'd write it on my calendar and it looked like it took ALL DAY to do that one activity; I didn't think I could put another to do on that day! And if someone called (or I called them) to book a party, it looked as if my day was already booked up.  

Here's my TWIST:  

1.  Get a bigger calendar! My favorite is the "desk pad" size you buy at office supply stores, which I hang on my wall. Recently, I bought a couple of these for only TWO DOLLARS at Walgreens (that's why I bought more than one). Bigger calendars make you feel like you have more hours! And they actually provide you more space for writing in activities and appointments  

2.  Divide your day into three sections: morning (8 a.m.-12 noon) afternoon (noon to 5p.m.) evening (5-9 p.m.). Even if you have a full-time job in addition to your direct sales business, you can see that you have at least one time slot to work. Remember, each of these "divisions" still holds at least four hours of time. And, you still have time in the mornings and evenings for "home" work that isn't listed in your divisions  

 3. Have a separate, personal calendar broken down by 15-30 minute segments. My Palm Treo allows me to set time appointments by five minute increments; my hard copy personal planner has 30-minute segments (told you I am a calendar-a-holic). Either way, these segments are critical to effective planning.



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