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When is the Product Due to Arrive?

®Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup

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If you've ever been pregnant, you know the first question you're always asked as your belly begins to protrude:                                               


After a while, I got tired of the question and felt like hanging a sign around my neck with my due date!  

 As the "owner" of your direct sales business, you have a pretty good idea of when an order will arrive at your host's or guest's homes once you've processed it. Let's say it's a seven-day turn around. That means if you hold a party today, August 27, you should give your host until the weekend to gather any additional orders (do not give more than three days). If you input and transmit the order on line on August 31, the orders should arrive around Tuesday, September 7, which allows for the Labor Day holiday.

At your party tonight, make a BIG SIGN with the words: SEPTEMBER 7 (or whatever date is appropriate for your company's processing and shipping time). During the demonstration or open house, people will ASK YOU what the sign means and you can explain that's the ANTICIPATED delivery day when they'll be able to:

  • Decorate themselves with their new jewelry
  • Create new scrap book pages
  • Make a meal in their microwave
  • Begin a new skin care regimen
  • Display their new fall decorations If these don't apply, write a statement that describes your company's products

You can use my analogy from last week where I compared the product delivery day to the due date of a pregnant woman; this protects both you and the host in event of any delays. When guests don't have to guess when their order will arrive, they are more likely to make purchases for gifts and they'll also eagerly anticipate using their new merchandise in their order; it's almost like waiting for a birthday present to arrive!  

During this time, they'll be thinking of you and what they ordered and telling their friends about what's "new" in their lives (most of us in the industry are women and we love to share shopping stories!) If you focus on WHEN the guests will receive their order, you'll have more EXCITED people telling others about your company and more hosts anxious to invite their friends to the next party.

In the meantime, be sure you Connect your Calendar to your Checkbook  as you plan your family's schedule.

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