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 What Every E-Mail Should Contain...

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Feel free to forward or copy this article to your direct sales friends as long as the ENTIRE article is left intact, without any editing.


When you send an e-mail to your Direct Sales customers they might be so excited to book a party, become a consultant or purchase your special that they can't wait to compose an e-mail-- they'd rather pick up the phone and have a live conversation with you  

The problem is your phone number is not listed on your email!

This can be frustrating to your customers and could "burst their bubble" of enthusiasm.  

Right now, go to the settings part of your e-mail service provider and set up a signature along with your...                                                       

Phone Number that every time you send an e-mail, this information will always and automatically be included. While you're there, add the link to your website to your signature. Once again, if customers are really, really thirsty, they'll click and go shopping right from your e- mail.  

Many people understand the importance of signatures and have included their personal thoughts and creeds on theirs. Be cautious that you don't have TMI (too much information) in your signature line otherwise you might confuse your reader.  

Here's a suggested signature picture:  

Phone Number
Website link
Company/personal slogan, motto, or saying

When You Send a Reply

 Last week I shared the A-Zs of effective subject lines. Remember, your subject line is like the name of a recipe or title of a book--it's got to tell the recipient what to expect when the e-mail is opened.

This morning I received an e-mail from from of my clients who listed the following subject line:                                                       

RE: Decisions

 Humm....what could that mean? I remember, I'm working her on a project which needed her approval. This must be the decision on the project, right? So I opened it and was SHOCKED! The e-mail had nothing to do with our project. Instead, she was questioning something an associate told her about another issue I had commented on (that's the topic of a future article on communication!).

This experience reminded me of ordering lemonade at a restaurant expecting the tart, sweetness to quench my thirst only to be SHOCKED that I had been given water!

Do you want your customers and prospects ever to be SHOCKED?

Choosing correct subject lines also applies when you're replying to e-mails.

Now, should you just click the reply button and leave the original subject line in tact? For instance, if you were to reply to the e-mail containing this article it would have a subject line that looked like:                                                             

RE: People will open e-mails from you if...

Once again, if you don't care if the e-mail gets read, you could hit reply without changing the subject line.

However, consider this: If you're replying to an e-mail, your response may or may not be related to the original subject line. Each week when this newsletter goes out, we have great Lemon Aid Learners who hit the reply key and send a message. If you were me, how would you choose which to open first if they all had essentially the same subject line?

One subscriber might want to add a comment to the article, the next one might be requesting an address change, a third might want to opt out of the newsletter, and another might be checking on the status of her order. Can you see why hitting the reply button and leaving the previous subject line is NOT a good idea?

Remember, people will open e-mails from you use an appropriate subject line...especially when you're responding to a message from them.

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