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Promote your Business with Postcards Part 2

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Here are FIVE FANTASTIC ideas for using postcards from your vacation or your "staycation" (visiting your own city). At the end of this article, I'll announce the Lemon Aid Postcard Contest.  

1. Postcard from Columbus, Ohio to encourage team members to attend educational events, which do not have to be in Columbus. "Oh, I know" you'll discover great ideas when you attend _________ next month.  

2. Las Vegas, Nevada postcard for a new consultant who met new consultant challenges: "You've hit the jackpot and headed for the top! The future's so bright your name is in lights,"  

3. Hollywood Walk of Fame postcard for a great host: "You're a star on my street of hosts!"  

4. Route 66 postcard to welcome a new recruit: "You're on the right route to "6-cess"  

5. Rio de Janiero, Brazil postcard with an view of Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer Statue (a place you must visit so you can buy postcards! And, of course, to experience the incredible view...): "To congratulate a top achiever: Welcome to the top! The view, like you, is amazing!"  

People will pull your handwritten postcard from among the pile of mail and READ IT. Why? Because they wonder, "Who is sending me a postcard from Brazil/Ohio/California...? Now you have their attention. Don't be surprised if people call and ask when you went on vacation! I know, because I've used this technique for many years and always have recipients asking about my vacations! The important thing is you use your creativity to target a team member, a new consultant or a host with a specific encouraging message, and you deliver it with a postcard you've picked up along the way that provides that message.   

Be sure to collect postcards everywhere you and your family or friends travel so you'll have plenty of "messages" to deliver in the future!

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