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Fun-Der-Ful ways to Connect with your Customers

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Mr. Lemon Aid and I travel quite a bit; we're headed to Connecticut early tomorrow morning.

I'm not a big souvenir shopper, unless it's a regional cookbook, but what I LOVE to BUY are postcards. Sometimes I mail them to my cute grandkids in Las Vegas, but mostly I bring them back home with me and then I


Here are some examples:

1. Postcard from New York City showing Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges with my message for a recruit prospect:

Do you need a bridge to fill the gap between your bills (the ones you pay) and your bills (the ones you earn)? Let's talk about bridging any troubled financial waters..

2. Postcard from the Chattanooga Choo Choo for a meeting reminder:

"Choose choose you" to climb aboard the meeting express for great ideas and train-ing on date/time/place.

3. Postcard with skyline of Houston, Texas with an inset of a license plate sent to someone who completed leadership education:

You now have your license to lead a "Texas-size" team!

4. Postcard with picture of Florida beach and two empty beach chairs with the heading:

 "I've saved a spot for you."

 Mail this to a prospective host with a message on the address side: "on my party calendar. I have three dates open this month."

Look at postcards while you're traveling or in your hometown with a new TWIST. These are very inexpensive ways to impress customers and attract more business.  

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