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Your Business is Not Washed up; it’s just Cycling

                        ©Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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Do you love doing laundry? I find if I do a load a day, I'm not so bogged down with the chore. (Keep reading, this isn't a message about cleaning!) Have you ever paid attention to what your washing machine really does? It doesn't just wash. Mine fills with water, then after washing, it spins, drains, rinses, drains and spins again. It has more than one function, even though it’s called a washing machine. In other words, in order to wash clothes, it has to cycle through other activities.

Examine your local garden center where you’re now buying your plants and flowers. What does this business owner do in the winter? Does he close his business? Some owners might do so, but the really smart ones do the TWIST and turn the garden centers into Christmas tree farms. Landscapers who will mow lawns in the summer, shovel snow in the winter. Life is cyclic and so is business.

Direct sales companies market products via home demonstrations and/or one-on-one  appoint-ments. If we’re in a cycle where we need a TWIST to keep going, we can also give corporate presentations, fundraisers, booths at home shows or fairs, preschool displays…and the list goes on.

Every cycle—and season—has its reason for people to say “no” to buying, booking, and selling. Our customers are also cyclic; in every cycle we’ll have people who will and will not want to do business with us.

A host has a time when she’s ready to host, then a time she only wants to buy, and other times she doesn’t even want to talk to us! The key is to keep working on other activities or with other people while we cycle through seasons and while our contacts go through their cycles. Having lots of different people at different stages of the business cycle is one way to have continual Sweet Successes and Juicy Profits.

Whatever you do, don’t stop working; complete the cycle. What would happen if you opened your washer and discovered it quit after the washing cycle and hadn’t rinsed yet? First, I’d get mad, kick it a few times (sometimes that works!), then call a repairperson. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a mental and emotional kick and call our leader (repairperson).Keep working on your business with TWISTS according to the cycles of the seasons and customers’ desires.

Life cycles. And so does business. I’m waiting for the cycle on my dryer to fold the clothes and put them away!

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 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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