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When your Kids Complain About your Business

                        ©Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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Earlier this week I was working with one of my vendors whom I hired for a new book project. As often as possible, I hire professionals who have their own home-based business.

While I was explaining the deadlines to her, she expressed some concern about fitting the project into her kids' schedules. I reaffirmed that I know exactly how she feels (I don't like it when people say those trite words and they've never been in my position) because I raised three sons as a work-from-home mom.

My thoughts took me back to a time when I had just picked the boys up from school and explained to them that I needed to run some business errands; I was probably delivering product, a task you might not have to do with ship-to- host/customer service. In unison, they began to complain that they wanted to get home to play.

I wisely used this opportunity to teach them how blessed they were because I was able to work from home. As you read the words I shared with them, please know I understand that
not all moms, even party plan parents, are in a full-time, work-from-home position:


"No problem guys. If it bugs you that I do some business errands after school, I can change things. I will just give up my position, go find a job like dad's where we all have to get up an hour earlier so you can get to day care before I have to drive for an hour to work at a skyscraper downtown. And then you can join your friends after school when they get on the day care van--no more business errands with me.

And, since I'll have hours until five or six and a long drive, I won't have snacks waiting for you after school. In fact, each of you will have more responsibilities fixing and cleaning up dinner because it will be late when I get home. And you know the favorite meals you love, I'll be making those only on the weekends when I have more time.

Remember, I get grumpy when I'm tired and stressed, so I might not be as fun as I am right now. Oh...and remember all the trips we take when I attend convention and dad takes you to the local sightseeing places while I'm in meetings, and then we do lots of fun stuff after? When I travel now, my company will only send me, so you don't have to worry about packing your suitcases.

You all enjoy earning some extra cash helping me with some of my business tasks. Well, you won't even be able to come and visit me at my new office unless you have security clearance and the right credentials, let along do any work with me, so there goes your extra income.

One more thing...I know you love to come home for lunch on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I won't be there anymore so those will be two more days you can pack a sack lunch."

Of course, by the time I painted this picture, my guys were saying, "Okay, okay...we won't complain!"

But one day, I was ready to give my business up and got another job. Wait till you hear about my son's reaction to that!


 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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