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Six Flags that Your Business is in Trouble

®Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup

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Amusement parks  ̶  such as Six Flags®  ̶  are fun places to visit during the summer months, and while you're there you can even do some natural prospecting for more customers, hosts, and recruits. However, don't get your business in the "Amusement Park" mode because you won't be amused with the results.  


1. Merry Go Round Flag: You keep going around and around doing the same things, experiencing the same "sour situations," and you're not very merry!. Get off the ride and do the TWIST! Examine what's not working and tweak it just slightly; you'll be amazed at the new vision you're going to see and activities you'll want to do.  

2. Roller Coaster Flag: Your calendar is like a roller coaster. Some weeks you hold three parties and then you go for three weeks without holding any. Then you have six parties and get worn out and go for two weeks with a party a week. It's enough to make you want to throw up! Better to keep consistent by designating at least one day a week to hold a party at least every week. This keeps you in practice so you don't have to take any "crash courses" to learn about your current products and specials.  

3. Video Arcade Flag: You keep spending money hoping that the more you spend on office supplies, technology, business cards and such will earn you more money. It won't per se. This is like dumping coins (dollars and dollars worth) in the video arcade machines. Yes, you do need to invest in products and literature and then you need to OPEN YOUR MOUTH and promote your business with the tools. Don't let the printer, post office, or office supply company become wealthy at your expense.  

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