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How to Use Summer Door Prize Slips

Feel free to forward or copy this article to your direct sales friends as long as the ENTIRE article is left intact, without any editing.


Now that your guests at home parties have had some FUN "telling" you about what they're doing this summer by circling their choices on the door prize slip, here are some suggestions on how you use the information to show them the benefits of hosting a summer party:

As you’re helping Joan with her order, you see she’s marked "Attending a class reunion." This not only gives you topic for conversation, but if your product has anything to do with clothes, skin care/makeup, or dietary supplements, she’s more open to your suggestions to host a presentation that has a direct relationship to a pertinent event in her life.

If a person has marked "relaxing by my own pool," suggest a pool party with your products! Attendance will likely be high because her friends know they'll really get in the swim of things after you're finished with the product part of the party.

If she’s going to be "Remodeling my Home" and you sell home décor, that’s a natural open for a party invitation to show off her results. Perhaps you can even offer a free consulting service to give her some decorating tips with and without your product.

What if "Attending a Wedding" is marked? Offer your products as a gift giving service and show her how she can get gifts she gives for free!! Sure helps out on the gift-giving budget that seems to shrink in the seasons of wedding, showers, graduations, mothers/fathers days!

These responses should also give you ideas for “featured attractions,” theme parties for direct sales.

Are you doing the TWIST? Remember I said each season has its reason for people to say "no". So, if guests are asking you to "call back at a later time," be sure to add them to your Business Bank for the fall and holiday season. More details on that concept that will keep your business organized on my Sweet Summer Successes CD Set.               

One more idea: Why not do the TWIST and adapt this door prize slip to other seasons by listing activities people are engaged in at that time?

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