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A TWIST on Door Prize Drawing Slips for Fairs and Events

®Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup

Feel free to forward or copy this article to your direct sales friends as long as the ENTIRE article is left intact, without any editing.


Do you have a craft fair, expo or some other type of event on your calendar for this summer? These are great venues to find customers who you might otherwise not meet. And a way to become more successful in direct sales.

Participation in these events will cost you some cash – anywhere from $25 for a table to thousands of dollars for a large booth in a huge event. Regardless of which type you attend, the goal at the events is to FIND THIRSTY LEADS!

Yes, you might sell product, so I recommend being prepared to sell. However, most of the sales and profits come AFTER the event.

 In order to capture the leads and information, have a door prize drawing slip that is DIFFERENT from other party plan companies. Here's the problem. When people visit your booth they have already or are going to be inundated with information from hundreds of other companies! Some might be ready to make a decision to book, buy, or sell so be prepared with host packets and recruit information.  

This is how to become successful in direct sales: Be different than the others when that difference is better for the customers.

On the other hand, most are in a hurry and are indecisive. That's okay with you because you're not going to ask for a decision. You only want to "take their temperature" with regard to your product.

Here's what I suggest:

A choice of 5 boxes/lines and ask them to circle just one if they…

  • Love your product and have been a host
  • Love your product and use it all the time
  • Have heard of your product but doesn't have any
  • Haven't heard of your product but wants to know more
  • Has no interest in your product but wants you to call them if they win!

This is so simple and DIFFERENT because you're not asking them to make a decision! Additionally, when you begin to make your follow-up contacts, you do it according to which box they've marked.


Want to learn the secret to successful participation in fairs and events for your direct sales party plan business? I can teach you!

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 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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