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Who's Thirsty for Your Product or Service?

                        ©Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

Feel free to forward or copy this article to your direct sales friends as long as the ENTIRE article is left intact, without any editing.          


As a direct sales trainer, companies hire me to present to their company, and
when I ask them, "Who is thirsty for your product?" the audience, in unison, answers: EVERYONE!

That's when my job begins as I explain that "everyone is not thirsty for everything."

So, how do you find out who is thirsty? Classify and Invite!

Classify: If I were selling freshly-squeezed Lemonade, which of the following groups do you think would be the most thirsty:

  • Runners who have just completed a marathon
  • Passengers on an airplane
  • Vacationers sunning on a sandy beach
  • Patients who have just had their tonsils removed

If I had only one group to choose from, I'd go to the beach. Sun and lemonade just go together, because citrus drinks quench the thirst of parched, dry throats.

Passengers on an airplane would be my second choice. The dry air in pressurized cabins makes one very thirsty! Further, while some airlines offer complimentary beverages, they are usually carbonated. Lemonade--especially freshly squeezed would be a refreshing option.

The marathon runners need hydration is a huge way. However, water or a beverage like Gatorade® is best to replenish the liquids they need.

Patients who have had surgery on their throats do need liquid as well. However, the acidity of the lemonade would probably do more harm that good. I'd need to be a Popsicle® vendor to satisfy their needs.

Invite: In these examples, I've judged what people in the classifications might be thirsty for. I'll never really know until I ask the individuals what their preferences are.

Let's TWIST this to fit your direct-sales business:

Classify the groups of people who are most likely to be thirsty for your direct sales product or service. If you market scrapbooks, find people who own cameras and take pictures.
If makeup is your direct-sales line, look for people who are planning a special event (for example, brides). Direct sales consultants who specialize in kitchen tools and accessories might first approach people who collect cookbooks before attempting to market to anyone else.

Once you've identified these groups of people, individually ask, or invite, each to find out about buying or selling your direct sales items.
You'll never know if they're thirsty until you ask!


 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

©Copyright 2011 Lemon Aid Lady -  All Rights Reserved.