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Take Notes for More Customers

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Spring is the time to prepare your party plan business for SUMMER! Every season has its reason for people to say no--and yes--to buying, booking, and selling your product.  

Whenever you're visiting with a prospect, be prepared to take notes about your conversation. This is especially effective when you're at a party because you can write notes directly on her order form (the copy you keep only) or door prize drawing slip. If you're calling people on the phone or conversing via e-mail take notes and keep them.  

Have you ever been visiting with a medical doctor? She is writing down everything you tell her so she can diagnose your symptoms. When you jot down some key points about a guest, you remember what her concerns and gifts are. Often, I write down what she's wearing; that helps me to remember her. Or, I might take a note of the reason right now is not a good time for her to book, or why I know my business would be an answer to her prayers.  

When I get back to my office, I transfer her information to my Business Bank (more about this next week) so I am positive to keep in touch with her.  

That's not all....From the notes I take, I can now write her a note. Perhaps it's a note of encouragement if she tells me she's experienced a recent miscarriage. Or, a note of congrats if she explains she can't book a party now because her softball team is playing in the regional championship.  

If she's expressed an interest in a product and it is offered at a special price in the future, you can jot her a quick note to alert her. People keep handwritten notes. That's a fact. It's also a fact that those are the first pieces of mail opened, especially if it comes in a colored envelope.  

As you SPRING into SUMMER by taking notes, and sending notes, your customers will remember YOU and take NOTE of your kind thoughtfulness and superb service. You'll have a committed customer and hosts who brags about you and refers gallons of business your way--what a way to quench your thirst for more customers this summer and beyond!

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