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TV Land Summer ACTivity


Feel free to forward or copy this article to your direct sales friends as long as the ENTIRE article is left intact, without any editing.


Summer is the time to turn off the TV and turn up the volume--sales volume that is--for summer profits. Go out and find customers and hold parties while you're enjoying the sunny season – that’s how to be successful in direct sales! Now, this is a direct sales technique you won’t find anywhere else! This week, see how many of these TV characters you can find who are THIRSTY to be your customers/hosts/recruits for your product/service/business.

  • Mothers of teenagers (HAPPY DAYS)
  • (FRIENDS) of friends
  • Mothers/Fathers with a blended family (BRADY BUNCH)
  • Very funny lady (I LOVE LUCY)
  • Someone with a definite dream (I DREAM OF JEANNIE)
  • Persons who live in Texas (DALLAS)
  • Moms with more than two kids (ALL MY CHILDREN) Persons who live on military bases (MASH)
  • People who live in a high-rise apartment building (JEFFERSONS)
  • People who work in an office (THE OFFICE)
  • The "perfect" mom (LEAVE IT TO BEAVER)
  • Physicians (HOUSE)
  • Attorneys (LA LAW)
  • Single Women (BACHELORETTE)
  • Persons who want to remodel (EXTREME HOME MAKE OVER)
  • People caring for extended family members (ANDY GRIFFITH)
  • Roommates (THREE'S COMPANY)
  • Person who work graveyard shifts (THE TONIGHT SHOW)
  • Childcare providers (SUPER NANNY)
  • People who don't wear glasses (20/20)
  • Everyone who wants their own business (THE APPRENTICE)
  • People who love to cruise for vacations (THE LOVE BOAT)
  • Talented folks (AMERICAN IDOL)
  • Persons with a zip code beginning in 90 (BEVERLY HILLS 90210)
  • Everyone who prefers flying to driving on vacation (STAR TREK)

Leaders: Forward this article in its entirety to your team. When at least one person from every "show" has become a qualified recruit, give TV prizes away:

  • TV Dinners
  • TV Guide
  • TV Trays
  • TV DVD series

Couple this challenge with a sales goal and give a TV away. Size and expense must be proportionate to cover the cost of the promotion with your expected bonus.

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