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Last week a friend who I work with in our church's women's organization--Amy--went to visit another member of our congregation, Julie. We had wonderful conversations in Julie's lovely home. I made many comments and gave several compliments to Julie and she invited me to come back with my husband. A few days later, Mr. Lemon Aid and I stopped by to visit Julie and her family. Immediately we were invited on a tour of their newly-built home.  

During the tour, Julie commented that our mutual friend, Amy, thought I was being a little "nosey" because I made so many remarks and asked questions about their house. I explained that I am a K-N-O-W-SEY person....someone who really wants to get to KNOW others. She laughed when I taught her this TWIST on both the spelling and meaning of "nosey."  

For over 30 years, I have prided myself on being K N O W SEY because as I get to know someone, I know which products or services I can offer to enrich her life. Please understand that to be K N O W SEY is not the same as being overbearing. Rather, I am conversational in asking questions about HER instead of talking about ME. You'll be amazed at what you learn when you focus on the other person.

When you're at a party, one of the best ways to do this is using a TWIST on the traditional door prize drawing slip. Instead of having it "all about you," do the TWIST and have some "fill in the blank" or "circle all that apply" answers.

Here are some examples:

  •   Fill in the blanks (birthday, number of home parties hosted/attended, favorite ______________ (candy bar, magazine, movie--something that can be related to your product/plan)
  • Circle all that apply (list activities or products that she could be "thirsty" for which, once again, can be related to your product/plan)

You can read more about this in Presentations for Profits on pages 80-84.

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