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Grow With Whom You Know

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A new Direct Sales consultant phoned my office to inquire about participating in a street fair in her city to display her company's products.

As we visited, I discovered she's a brand new Direct Sales consultant. She's had her kit less than two months and has yet to hold a party. Instead, she's been looking for places to advertise, shows to exhibit, and network groups to join.

These are all venues to find customers, but Party Plan people should first begin by inviting their personal "thirsty" friends to a party at the consultant's home.

Why host a Direct Sales party first?

Your "thirsty" friends get to experience your new business rather than depending on you to explain it over the phone or Internet.

When people touch, taste, smell, and experience something...they want it! You'll sell product at the home party, which means profit in your pocket.

Thirsty" friends can bring their friends to your home, which begins to expand your Direst Sales business base right away as you meet friends of friends.

When your friends experience your new business, they are more eager to become hosts because they want your products and the party plan gifts. Now they'll introduce you to more of their friends while they earn host gifts.

This first home party gives you experience in hosting a party. This is one of the best reasons to hold a party in your home. You'll understand the entire process of creating a guest list, inviting friends, reminding guests, and feeling anxious when you wonder if anyone will show up--the biggest fear hosts have about Direct Sales.



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