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When Women Want Their Gifts

®Copyright 2011 Christie Northrup

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One of the "sour situations" for guests at direct sales home parties is waiting for their products to arrive. Here's a TWIST that will bring you more bookings as you focus on the delivery date when you SCHEDULE parties.

When someone agrees to book a party with you, how do you get the date on your calendar? I’m guessing you might ask, as most direct sales training teaches:

"When do you want your party?"

 ...and then you attempt to find a time best for the both of you. In most cases, the host chooses a time weeks and maybe months from now.

News Flash: These are the parties that usually cancel. Parties you'll never hold!

Next time, do the TWIST by taking two steps:

1. Next to your designated party dates  ̶  dates you've already identified on your calendar for holding parties (see bottom of this article if you don't know what I'm talking about)  ̶  pencil in the anticipated product delivery date. For example, when you go to a party tonight, September 17, and someone books a party for two weeks from now, October 1, you'll have written on October 1 the date the product could be delivered, assuming the host closes out within a day or two.

So, if your company's turn around time and shipping is ten days from when you transmit the order and the host on October 1 closes her party on October 3, the probable delivery date which you'll write on your calendar is October 13.

2. Now, when you and your host are choosing a party date ask her this question in place of the one above:

 "When do you want your free host gifts?"

Give her two choices: October 13 or October 27.

These dates correlate with party dates of October 1 or October 15, using the formula I've just shared.

Book more parties, hold more parties!
Can you see how you'll book more parties  ̶  and actually hold more parties? (Far fewer cancellations!) Who wants to wait for months to get products and gifts? Most women want their products yesterday!

If you're not receiving the return you anticipated with your direct sales opportunity, you might not have designated party dates on your calendars, so you're throwing your "investment" dollars out the door!

Learn how to connect your calendar to your checkbook so you can even have a couple of weeks of paid vacation every year!

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