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Biggest Competitor Quiz

©2009 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

Do you ever look at consultants in your own or other companies as your biggest competitors?

I remember being at conventions, seeing the successes of my peers, and telling myself I had to get to work because of the competition.

Personally, I've had prospects decline my recruiting invitation because they already knew too many other consultants representing the company and were afraid of the competition. Whenever a person has a choice between doing business with you and someone else, you have competition.

What party plan people don't seem to realize is that our biggest competition comes from other marketing channels:

  ● Retail
  ● Internet
  ● Mail Order
  ● TV Shopping Channels

If you're familiar with my "Fill-osophy" you know I know that the direct sales industry is the best of all industries combined!

Just for fun, here's a Shopping Center Match Game for you. are welcome to share this with others; just keep my name, copyright, and website attached to it.

Match the blanks with the name of retail store you think best represents the statement about your business. Because every city has different stores, I've given you hints by listing names of the stores.

Answers will be given in next week's (April 22) Lemon Aid Stand for Party Plan newsletter:

1. Do you have a huge _______ in your business profits?

2. Do you wish prospects would just tell you __________ and not ________ you along ?

3. Aren’t you glad your income is not ____________?

4. You’re lucky to be an ________ who is an ______ at __________ people with your product.

5. If ______ and _______ are "_____" when it comes to shopping for (category of your product/service), they will be thirsty to attend your party.

6. While you’re taking a ______ and your ______ is tired, your company website can be doing the ________ for you.

7. You are the ______ (I) _____________ of your business; what you do it up to you!

8. People living on your _______ are looking to __________

9. ____ ___ ______ (hint: store name is only one word) if your calendar matches mine for scheduling your party?

10. What is your _______________ to set you apart from your competition?

  ● Eye Masters
  ● Lane Bryant
  ● Gap
  ● Limited
  ● Hallmark
  ● Bath & Body Works
  ● "No"stroms (misspelled on purpose so it fits the statement)
  ● Macy's
  ● American Eagle Outfitters
  ● Ann Taylor "Loft" (another hint with the " "!)

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Registration opens on April 16.




 © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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