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How Two Parties an Evening Skyrockets your Credibility, Bookings, Recruits, and Profits

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Here’s an idea I share quite a bit with direct sales consultants:  Holding two parties in an evening

Let me take you to a dialog between me and a prospective host while we decide on the time for her party:

ME: I have 6:00 and 8:00 available. What time works best for you?

NEW HOST: What about 7 or 7:30?

ME: I'm in such demand for parties that I've had to open two time slots a night so I can fit everyone in who wants to have a party.

NEW HOST; are really popular!

ME: (I explained how to choose which time slot would work best for her group; refer to last week's message).

My hosts and guests always bragged to other people about me; I overheard it at parties all the time:

"If you want to book a party with her, you better do it soon, she's so booked up, she does two parties a night!"

Consider this...

Who would you choose to cut and style your hair: Someone who has no clients (and doesn't practice very often) or someone who practices so much, she's polished professional personable profitable?

Not only did my bookings overflow, but my recruiting doubled and tripled because I met more people, of course, but also because people saw that because there was a demand for me, there must also be a demand for my product. They wanted to "hang out" with me and my company!!

One more thing...You might wonder, "What if I only get one party booked even though I've put slots in for two?"

You still proceed: At your 6:00 party, instead of announcing you’re on your way to another party, just say it’s to your next appointment – an appointment for a church or school meeting, anything. It's no one else's business.

If you only end up with an 8:00 party, still show at eight. NEVER change the time on a host.  

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