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Run to Ring

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The last two newsletters gave you two ideas to SPRING into your business now so you won’t be sweating to keep your bookings, sales, and recruits this summer.  

S: Schedule  [Please add link to It's time to SCHEDULE]  

P: Post [add link hereto Post It for Profits!]  

This weeks tip: Run to Ring!  

I recently posted a question on my Facebook Fan page ( asking what the biggest fear of consultants is. Unanimously it was the fear of the phone. You might have heard advice not to be fearful of this inanimate object.  However, one fear you MUST always have is  

 If you don’t call your prospects right now Somebody else will.  

I will forever remember getting my nerve up to call someone who has asked me to “call back later.” I came up with all the reasons not to call her. Finally I dialed her number. To my relief, she was thrilled to hear from me and enthusiastically announced, “I just dated a party with your company; I can’t wait to hold it!”  

Obviously she was now someone else’s host. Did that cure my phone phobia? Not altogether, but when I do hesitate, I get SCARED!  I scare myself by remembering that prospects are waiting for me to contact them and if I don’t someone else will.  

As you prepare your business for summer, you’ll learn that people are beginning to make plans now. If their summer calendars are getting filled, the time to book their parties is NOW before they get too busy.  

And, if your product will be a solution to their busy summer or something they’ll need while enjoying their activities, all the more reason to RUN TO RING right now.  

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