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For the past couple of weeks, I've been teaching you to book your direct sales home parties with the


Here are three ways to get people to ASK YOU about booking home parties (as well as joining your team), which are more effective than games to play at direct sales parties because when someone is...

  • Attracted by a prop, they...
  •  Ask a question, and then...
  • Listen to the answer.  

1. Emphasize Hosts Gifts

Place a package(s) of Now and Later Candy...on or around your display table. Don't mention anything about the sweets, because before the end of your demonstration, someone will surely ASK YOU about the candy so you can reply:...

"The candy is to remind me to ask you when you'd like FREE gifts from __________ (your company name) to come and live in your home...

" the next couple of weeks or a month or two. The sooner you hold your party, the sooner you'll get your gifts. Why wait till later?"  

2. Use a Booking Suggestion

"Everyone at today's party will be able to order NOW. And once you have these items in your home, you'll surely want to attend another party LATER. Who wants to book a LATER party NOW?!"  

3. User a direct sales recruiting AWESOME ADVERTISEMENT

"Begin your business NOW and you'll be thankful LATER!"

Give candy to people who book NOW (and don't ask you to call them later) as well as to people who want more details NOW about becoming a consultant.

Note: I usually find Now and Later® candy in packages of eight at Dollar Tree® and in single packages other places. Check out the Halloween candy aisle for smaller sizes.

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