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Using Host Gifts as Booking Tools

Now that you've committed time on your calendar, you can book parties. The best place to book parties is at parties. That's why holding your own party to open your direct sales business is such a great thing TO DO (not to think about).

What's the best time during a party to invite guests to be a host? Throughout the party. Now, don't "drown" your guests with invitations to book a party. Rather, get to know your guests so you'll have a feel for what they are "thirsty" for.

Most people are thirsty for free products. Here's how to use host gifts as booking tools:

As guests are arriving, invite them to start shopping! Most people love to have a catalog of your direct sales company in their hands. Place the catalogs on your display table so they have a reason to walk up, get a catalog, and touch your products.

Listen to their expressions and opinions about specific items. If Cynthia is drooling over the gold and silver adjustable bracelet, invite her to try it on and model for the rest of the guests. Announce that she can have her own shopping spree when she's a host. Let that idea simmer in her mind.

During your brief (20-30 minutes) product presentation, be sure to weave details of hosting a party with your direct sales company. In order to do this YOU MUST KNOW THE DETAILS OF THE HOST PROGRAM! Most are simple and easy to explain. Hosts earn free or exclusive
products based on sales before tax/shipping/handling. Many direct sales consultants whom I've met at parties didn't know to subtract the tax before calculating the gifts. Does the plan offer half price items? Exclusive gifts? Booking awards? When do the booked parties have to be held? You must be the expert on the program before you can offer it.

Be careful...don't give too many details on the program, just know to say, "Our average host earns $80 of free product and two half price items." And as you demonstrate products and announce the price, calculate the host cost. "This wall hanging is a great value at $60.00...unless you're a really smart 50% savings shopper/host...then it's just $30.00!"

Focus on products that are available for hosts only. You can do this while you're  demonstrating the core products. Show how the core work hand in hand with the exclusive host gifts. Identify the host specials with decorative ribbon and bows. Not only is this attractive packaging, you'll attract attention to these exclusive gifts.


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