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 A Booking is a Booking Only When It's on Your Calendar


As a direct sales leader for over 30 years (I started when I was only 22!), I've had hundreds of experiences with excited consultants calling me after their parties announcing, "I got three new bookings!!"

My enthusiasm was over the top with their news. However, when I inquired, "When are the parties/who are your hosts?" Their replies often included some of the following:

  • She has to check with her friends first
  • I'm calling her after she gets her order
  • She'll book in six months
  • After her baby is born, she'll call me

I sure hated to be the bearer of bad news, but as a responsible leader, I had to: a booking is only a booking when you have a date, time, place, and host name. A booking is not a "call back" or "let me think about it."

So, how do you secure direct sales bookings?

  • Always have your calendar with you
  • Know when your next two available dates are
  • Offer a choice of these two dates
  • If neither of the dates work for her, go on to your third choice, booking is as soon as possible so   she can have your products and her gifts as soon as possible.

When someone says, "I'd love to be a host," your reply is, "Great! What time of day works best for you--morning, afternoon, or evening?"

(Note: Ask this only if you are available during these time segments. If your kids are in school all day, if you're retired, or you have no other commitments during the day, start announcing your availability outside of "prime time". You will get what you ask for!)

My niece, Lori, is a direct sales consultant with Scentsy®. One day she called and exclaimed, "I found the secret to getting bookings at parties! You have to take your calendar and then get them to choose a date right then and there!"
Yes, Lori, that is a booking!


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