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If you're a party plan consultant or have attended a home party, you know what a Door Prize Drawing Slip looks like; most all companies use a similar format so I don't need to explain what they look like. And, if you've been a subscriber for the past couple of weeks, I've given great TWISTs on creating a customized slip for both parties and vendor events.

Most consultants use drawing slips because they are too shy or scared to invite people to book, buy, sell, or other activity and "hide behind" the drawing slip. I know because I've been there!

So, begin using this "sip" at your next party even before the FreeView.  As you draw more slips of paper, you'll DRAW MORE PEOPLE TO YOUR BUSINESS:

1. Save a tree and use your order form instead of the drawing slips.

2. As you briefly explain your order form (I do hope you do this; some can be very confusing!), ask each guest to write down her dream vacation destination at the top of the order form along with the month of her birthday.

. Now you have captured your guests' attention! They are wondering why you asked for this information...and you are wondering, too...right?

4. After the guests have written these two pieces of information, collect the order forms. That's right...collect them now. This way you'll be sure to do the drawing before they start to order so they CAN order! If you have guests take notes on the order forms, DRAW THE GUESTS into your presentation right away. Otherwise, sprinkle some DRAWings throughout.

5. Once you have the order forms, quickly take a look at the birthday months. Is there a month where only ONE person celebrates? DRAW her to your business with recognition and a gift of your choice. Ask the Host which month she moved into her present home. That's the "magic month" and everyone with birthdays that month win!

6. Dream Vacation: Which guest dreams of traveling to a foreign country? As you quickly look over the answers of the top of the order form, choose your winner!

Which guest dreams of visiting a place you've already been? If so, she wins!

Try this TWIST and eliminate an extra piece of paper while you DRAW MORE PEOPLE to your business.

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