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Check with Your Friends Using High Tech

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When a prospective party plan host explains that she wants to "check with her friends" before deciding on a date for a party, encourage her to save time with a few clicks!

First, pencil in a date so that no one has to wait! Because by the time she checks with 20 different friends, and gets back to you, everyone has to wait for the party, their new  products, and your profits!  

Instead, use this TWIST…

Compose an e-mail as if you were the prospective host (if you don't compose it, she won't take the time to do so) to send to her address books of friends.

Okay...let's be're a busy person too, so I've done this step for you; just copy, paste and edit as you wish:


“Hi Everyone! “Since you all love to get together and shop for the newest trends in [fashion, scents, kitchen ideas, cosmetics, etc],

I'm hosting an awesome party with [your company name] on [date, time]. “My consultant, [your name] is a lot of fun; you'll love her!

“Check out the specials for this month right here:  [paste the url of your website]

“Please shoot me a reply to this message so I know this date works for you or not.”

Now, with a few clicks, she is "checking with her friends" and those who are THIRSTY are clicking on your website!

She does not have to wait for everyone to reply. Once she gets some positive response, she'll be ready to "ink" the date. need to call her at the 48 hour mark. You had promised her to hold that date for two days, so she's expecting that contact. It's also a good idea to send her an e-mail within 24 hours after you send the script to be sure she's done her checking by clicking.

If she doesn't get any responses, don't pressure her! This might not be the right time for her and her friends. DO assure her that a party can include any number of guests. You never know where a party will lead you, even when you have a small gathering!

When you patiently respect a prospect's request to check with her friends, you'll end up with a better business in the end!  

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