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You can only increase your sales in one of three ways:

  • Increase the number of customers you have
  • Increase the amount a customer purchases
  • Increase both the number of customers and the amount of their purchases

Certainly one of the challenges any business owner encounters is finding more customers (that’s why I wrote the premiere book on this subject). Today I’ll teach you the

Number one way to increase your per customer sales:
Sell in Sets!

Last week I introduced this concept by teaching you how to thaw out your business when you bundle products together. Watch my video of the bundling principle at my FaceBook page DirectSalesTwists

Now I’m listing specific tips on how to do it:

  • Create seasonal sets
  • Put sets together for a specific demographic group (nurses, scrapbookers, etc.)
  • Make sets centered around a featured product of your company
  • Demonstrate only the sets
  • Bundle your sets with a fun name
  • Put something in the sets that is only available in the set
  • Have three different price levels and number of items in a set
  • Add something FREE to the set
  • Establish set prices, not necessarily with deep discounts (once I accidentally charged a few dollars more for a set than what the individual prices were and sold several before I realized my mistake!)
  • Allow customers to “subscribe” to sets, introducing new sets monthly or quarterly
  • Package sets to make them more attractive simply by placing them in a decorative bag or wrapping
  • Introduce new sets at every party

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